Custom cables

Lemo - Fischer - D-tap - Hirose bespoke termination options available:

Power cables - any length

  • Aaton, Arri, Red, video...

Coiled 25cm power cables with in-line tails

  • Monitor power cables
  • Camera start/run cables
    Aaton, Arri, Red, video...
  • Stedicam accessory interface cables
  • Red camera accessory power

Lightweight video cables - any length.

'Y' Splitter cables

  • Video/power splitter cables - ideal for video assist applications - Arri - Aaton cameras
  • Interfacing wireless lens control systems (Arri, C-Motion, Preston) to video & film cameras
  • Aaton, Arri, Red, video... for remote camera run/start
  • Provide twin power outputs from one single output on video/film camera
  • Adaptation of power output from camera into two different types of output sockets
lightweight bnc to bnc cable
Coiled power cable
lightweight bnc to bnc cable
lightweight bnc-bnc video cable
lightweight bnc to bnc cable
'Y' Splitter cable